Add one or more calendars for users to view (not edit). As with Google Calendar, multiple calendars can be overlaid onto one page.


Press the Authorisation required button and allow Overdrive to access your calendars. If you give admin access to other users, they will also need to click the authorisation button to add calendars.


Select which of your calendars you wish to display - the list will show all calendars you own or have view rights to.


  • Framed - displays your chosen Google Calendars within a frame.
  • Embedded - embed your calendars so that all visitors can see all events plus use a nicer looking calendar. Some of the show options below are only available in framed view.


    • Navigation buttons - add buttons to allow users to move between weeks/months
    • Weekends - choose to enable or disable weekends
    • Date - display today’s date
    • Print icon - enable print preview button so users can print the calendar
    • Tabs - enable tabs to switch between calendar views - Week; Month; Agenda
    • Calendar list - enable a list so users can turn selected calendars on and off
    • Time zone - display the calendar time zone
    • Border - add a border around the embedded calendar
    • Calendar Colors - include colors to differentiate multiple calendars
    • Event links - allow users to click an event to open it in Google Calendar (embedded calendars only)

Calendar View

Choose from Day, Week, Month or Agenda view.

Week Starts On 

Set the day each week will start.

Time Zone

Set the timezone for your calendar(s).

Start Date 

You can choose to start the calendar on a particular date, useful if you are displaying a calendar for an event.