New Page is accessed via the Site Menu and is visible to users with Site Settings Admin Role. New Page allows users to add new pages to an Overdrive site.

With the variety of Overdrive content on offer you can easily build great looking, useful web pages. Choose from embedding a Google Doc or Sheet, adding a Calendar, Map, Group, Contact List and much more.

To create a new page:

  • open the Site Menu and choose New Page (If you can't see New Page, check you have Edit access to the Drive folder you are working in)
  • choose a Name for your new page (it will be added as a folder in Drive)
  • choose the Location for your new page
  • select an initial Layout for your page by choosing it's first tile type or one of your previously saved templates
  • add a Description, this will add a Drive description to your folder in Drive
  • click OK and Overdrive will create the folder for you and sync it to Google Drive
  • the page will be created and your first tile added - add more content tiles to your page using Page Builder.

Find out more about the different Tile Types available in Overdrive.