Overdrive Notifications offers your users the ability to subscribe to daily email alerts. Once Notifications has been enabled on your Overdrive site all users will receive one daily email detailing any changes to folders and files that they have enabled notifications on. To start receiving email all a user needs to do is enable notifications on one folder or file from within your Overdrive site.

Enable notifications on a folder or file

To enable notifications on a folder or file click on the Bell icon from within the site breadcrumb.

Notification Email

An email will be sent to each user at 5am GMT every day. The email will contain updates for all items followed by the user. The email will list:

  • New and modified items
  • the date and time of the update
  • the folder or file name along with a link
  • the user who made the change

Overdrive Notifications is currently in Beta and is available on any site signed up to the Business or Education/NFP plan. To enable Notifications on your site please complete the form below.