What can I embed on a Dashboard?

Choose from a growing list of url types you can add to a dashboard, including: Drive Folders; Google Docs and Sheets; Google Maps, Calendars, Forms and Slides; Files stored within Drive such as PDF's and Images; Google Drawing and Charts; Twitter and Facebook; Data Studio; YouTube; RSS Feeds.

Copy the URL from your browsers address bar when viewing the item you wish to display on your dashboard and then paste it into your Dashboard Doc (we supply a Template Doc when you add a Dashboard page type - simply open it in Drive and start editing each table cell).

If you want to embed something, try pasting in a URL. If it doesn't work, please let us know - we are always willing to consider new ideas to help you and others in the OverDRIVE community.

Example URLs

RSS Feeds

Rss feed urls must contain:

For example:

You can Google for RSS Feeds and most news sites will have a page listing their feeds, for example the BBC has an RSS feeds page. Example link from the BBC page:


Once added and working you can set the amount of items appearing in the dashlet and add the date of each item via the Dashboard Page Type options.

Google Maps

Go to https://www.google.com/mymaps. Create a new map by clicking on + Create a new map. To create a map, zoom into the map or type a postcode or location into the search box. Once you have the map you want, give it a name then share it (with a person, domain or as Public) so you can embed it. Then click on the three dots icon and choose set default view, then embed on my site and get the URL from the embedded iframe code starting from HTTPS. 

Google Calendar

Go to https://calendar.google.com. Select any calendar and click on dropdown menu and open calendar settings. Get the Public URL from the Integrate calendar section.