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Standard Dashboard

This is an example of a standard  dashboard, which can be embedded on any page of OverDRIVE. Once embedded, each cell of the table will become a dashlet on your dashboard. Merged cells (horizontally) in your table will create wider dashlets.

After embedding a dashboard on your site you can edit the sample content by clicking the pencil or pop out icon on the page. You can add as many rows as you like to your dashboard document. Text with a Heading 1,2 or 3 style will be added as a header to each dashlet.

TIP: To make the most of this dashboard turn off subnav and select “Preserve Formatting” in the Embed tab. You can also change the dashlet header and body colours by setting background colours to the cells and adding a highlight colour to the headings.



CEO emphasises Chicago move benefits

1 Sep 2016


Record safety results in July 2016

27 Aug 2016


Employee satisfaction report published

25 Aug 2016

Industry Feed

Add a link to a dashlet



Google Presentation

Dashlet with border

Border is applied to a dashlet from a table cell. If all 4 sides have a different color the top border style is applied to the whole dashlet. .

Header styling

A header needs to be at the top of the cell and h1,h2,h3 etc.

Use highlight colour, text colour and underline colour to style dashlet headings.

Underlining a header will apply a border line between the header and the body. The colour of this comes from the heading text colour.

Dashlet Styling Tips

Text format and spacing

Spacing around text can be added to any cell by adding cell padding. Click on table cell and open table properties. Now change the value of Cell padding and it will adjust the space around the text on the dashlets..


Fonts can be selected and applied to any text by using the font picker from the GDoc toolbar where all google fonts are available.


Font sizes
Font sizes can be selected and applied using GDoc toolbar font size selector.

Dashlet Colours

Background color applied to the table cell is shown as the background colour of the dashlet.

To change the background colour of the dashlet header apply highlight on the first heading (h1,h2,h3) in the cell.

Add link to Dashlet

Add a link to the first heading in the cell and if there is only one image in the cell then it will also apply link to that image on dashlet. If the dashlet contains more than just one image the link will only apply to the header.