The Blog View allows you to set up a basic Blog or News page using a folder and Google Docs. OverDRIVE will display the folder contents as a blog list and users can open each document to read the article - ideal for a company news page.


  • Create a new folder or choose an existing folder you want to be your blog and visit it in OverDRIVE
  • Go to Page Settings > Page Type
  • Choose Blog from the View list of the Google Folder page type
  • Choose whether to include a Date and how many Columns you want your blog to have
  • Set the Order by to either Created or Modified and change the order arrow to point down. This will order your blog by date, so each time you create or edit a document it will appear at the top of the blog.

Add blog articles

Each blog article is created by adding a Google Doc into the folder. To add a new article:

  • From the blog page in OverDRIVE, choose Create > Document (to use an existing Google Doc you can choose Link Files from the cog dropdown or add it to the folder in Drive)
  • Choose a name for your document - this will become the title of the blog article
  • Add the blog content and at least one image - OverDRIVE will display the first image and the first paragraph on the blog list to create a "snippet". If the "snippet" is not what you want to display, you can use the Description field on the General tab or from within Google Drive - add your "snippet" text and OverDRIVE will display that on the blog list.