The Navigator Filter feature is a great way to allow users to quickly filter through a vast amount of files - such as images, pdfs or any other digital assets.

Setting up in Drive

As an administrator you will need to set up Google Drive so that images exist in multiple folder locations, but your efforts will make it easy for users to find what they need quickly in OverDRIVE. For example, let’s say you have 100 images that could be broken down into categories and resolutions as follows:

  • Categories - Adverts x 20; Logos x 10; Infographics x 20; Product Icons x 50

  • Resolutions - Print x 30; Web x 70

In Google Drive, set up a top level folder called Artwork and two sub level folders called Categories and Resolutions. Under Categories, add a folder for each one - Adverts, Logos, Infographics, Product Icons and two more folders under Resolutions - Print and Web. Now you have set up the folders, you need to add images to the corresponding folder. Google Drive allows images to exist in multiple locations, and OverDRIVE takes advantage of this. Identify which images are adverts and add them to the Adverts folder (tip, use Ctrl Z or Ctrl and mouse drag in Drive to Add to a new location whilst keeping the existing location as well), find all logos and add them to the Logos folder - repeat with all the other image categories. Now go back to your images and identify which is high res for print and which is low res for web - add them to the Print and Web folders.

Your folder hierarchy should look like this: 

Setting up in OverDRIVE

Once you have your folders set up in Drive, return to your OverDRIVE site and visit the top level page - in our example this is the Artwork page. Go to Page Settings > Page Type and, under the Google Drive Folder type, check the Navigator Filters box - you will now see your sub folders in the Navigator section. Click on each sub folder which will select all the folders under each (you can uncheck any you don't want).

Save the page settings and when you return to the page you will see a Filter box at the top of the folder list. Use the dropdown and check a few filter options - you should see your images appear on the page and increase as you choose more options. If you don`t see any images, click the refresh icon.


  • If you wish to hide any folders from showing, go back into Page Settings and uncheck Sub-Folders within Options.
  • Unless you add images to your top level folder, the page will be blank until you start to tick options.