Modified 22 March 2019 by Mark Williams

Access all Areas is an alternative way to allow users to see Google Drive content. Once you select Access all Areas discovery mode you will be asked to specify a Primary user. Overdrive will only use this user for Drive discovery - any content that the primary user has access to within the chosen Site Folder will be displayed.

With Access all areas on your Overdrive site you’ll experience much faster loading times because the sync with Drive only needs to happen for one user. It’s a much simpler way of building an Overdrive site, there’s no need to worry about the individual Drive permissions and whether a user will be able to see what you need them to see. Set yourself as the Primary User and you can be sure what your site will look like for all users.

Switch to using Access all Areas

  • Go into Site Settings > Security and change the Discovery Mode to Access all Areas
  • Select the Primary User - make sure this user has Drive access to the Site Folder
  • Press Save - Overdrive will resync your site and show the content the Primary User has access to

Note: To open and view/edit the files each user will need to have the relevant access in Drive, if the user does not have access the file will open with a Request Access option.

Assign Site Editors

In order to create and edit pages, users will need an Editor role:

  • Go into User Settings
  • Select the user
  • Set their Admin Role to Editor
  • For new users you can add Admin Roles in the Add New users box

When editors login with their Google Account they will be asked for Drive permissions as Overdrive needs to know their access level to folders. Editors will also need edit access to each Drive folder.

Use Overdrive Groups to secure specific pages

If you need to restrict access to certain areas/pages you can do this from within Overdrive using the Groups Security feature.