Modified 16 February 2021 by Mark Williams

For sites which are set to Access all Areas, Overdrive has an Autoshare feature that will automatically share all site files with all site users. Enabling this feature means you can be sure that all visitors to your site will be able to access the files without the need to share the root Drive folder or each individual file with them - Overdrive will do the work for you.

It works like this:

  • When a user logs in with a Google account Overdrive checks to see if they have access to the root folder. If not then it gives the user view access to every file on the site.
  • If they login with a different kind of account then Overdrive shares every file to anyone with the link.
  • Autoshare works nicely with Shared Drives.

Suggested uses:

  • Public sites - Autoshare will ensure all folders and files are accessible
  • Extranets, VDRs and Digital Libraries - Autoshare will allow Google users and users logging in without a Google account to access the files you need them to see.

The feature is currently in beta, if you are interested in trying it out please email


  • Whilst in beta, Overdrive only adds the users to each file, you will need to manually unshare any files if needed