Modified 05 July 2018 by Mark Williams

With your site set to Google Drive Discovery mode, Overdrive will use the permissions set in Drive for the logged in user. Whatever a user can see in Drive, they can see in Overdrive. This Discovery mode is perfect if you have a lot of areas of your intranet or workspace that need to have different permission levels.

Using this Discovery mode all your users will be asked for Drive permissions when they first log in.

Switch to using Access all Areas

  • Go into Site Settings > Security and change the Discovery Mode to Google Drive
  • Press Save - Overdrive will resync your site
  • You will see the content you have access to, this content will change if you log in as a different user, showing only the content they have access to in Drive

Assign Site Editors

In order to create and edit pages, users will need an Editor role:

  • Go into User Settings
  • Select the user
  • Set their Admin Role to Editor
  • For new users you can add Admin Roles in the Add New users box

Editors will also need edit access to each Drive folder.