Add a framed Google Group to your page.


When you first add a Google Group you will need to press the Authorisation required button and allow Overdrive to access your groups.  If you give admin access to other users, they will also need to click the authorisation button to add groups.


  • Group Name - choose the Google Group to embed, the list will show all Groups you are a member of. If you are a G Suite admin this list will show all groups on your domain. You can also choose to paste in a group email address or url.
  • Options
    • Search box - add a search box to the group
    • Show popout - allow users to open the Google Group in a new window
    • Selector tabs - allow users to view Members and more detail About the group
    • Use theme? - if your Group has a theme, selecting this will use the theme within the embed frame
    • Hide forum title and description - with this ticked, the group title and description is hidden - this helps to avoid duplication, since the Overdrive page name may reflect the group
  • Language - set the group language