Note: This feature is currently invitation only. If you are interested in trying it out please email

Add a form to a page that users can complete via the page or our companion Overdrive Forms app.

Getting started

  • Add a new form by clicking on New Form - or choose an existing one
  • Open Form Builder and set the Form Name - see Form Builder section for more details on creating a form
  • Once you have designed your form, Save it
  • The tile will show on the page as a list of Responses. Click the + icon to add a new response.
  • To change the tile settings, open Page Builder and click on the cog.

Form Builder

  • Create your form by dragging field types from the right hand menu
    • For each type there are several options you can choose to set up your question:
      • Required - the checkbox makes the question compulsory before the form can be submitted
      • Label - the question that the user will see on the form
      • Help text - help text that will display on the form to assist the user 
      • Placeholder - if the field is a text field, the placeholder is the default text that the user will see
      • Options - if the field is a multiple choice or selection dropdown you can add the choices in this section.
      • Radio buttons - set a default option for a dropdown
      • Checkboxes - set the default for checkboxes
      • Scores - add a score if a choice is made
      • Actions - add an Action if a choice is made
  • For certain field types there are specialised options
    • Text Fields
      • Text field types can have a max character length and a max number of rows
    • Number Fields
      • Number fields can have a minimum and maximum value set and can be stepped.
    • File Upload
      • Allow users to add files to a form (each response has a maximum of 100MB)
    • Approver
      • Set approvers for the form (select from all Users of your Overdrive site) - the user can choose from a list you set up - the chosen approver will receive an email notification.
  • You can Preview your form, or use the Copy and Paste buttons to copy the fields to a new form.

Tile Settings

  • Form - to edit your Form, click on the Form Builder button
  • View - select to show Response, the Blank form or a list of Actions
  • Options - add Filter and Paging plus set the form to show on the Overdrive Forms app
  • Show Responses - decide whether to show responses
    • From all pages - useful if you have the same form on multiple pages but want the responses to all show on one page. If unchecked only the responses submitted from this page will show
    • From all users - the tile will show all responses submitted. If unchecked it will only show responses submitted by the logged in user.
  • Buttons - control which options a user will see at the top of the Responses list
  • Order By - set the sort order of the responses
  • List Columns - choose which columns show by default in the Responses list
  • Page Size - select the number of responses to show on each page
  • Scores Colors - you can add a score to certain answers (see Scores section) - to add a color spectrum to the response score, set the color for low and high scores.

Scores and Actions

For certain types of questions, you can add Scores and Actions that depend on the answers given.


Any questions which have Options can have Scores added to each option. For example, let’s say you ask a question: “Are you happy?” and create two possible answers “yes” and “no”. You can add a score to each - say 0 for “no” and 10 for “yes”.

  • Set up
    • In Form Builder, when editing a field, click on the box with a thermometer icon and enter a score to assign to that answer.
  • Viewing scores
    • When a form is submitted the scores you added in Form Builder will be allocated to each answer and a total given for that form response.
    • All scores added to the form will be totalled up so a form will have a maximum score that a user can achieve. This total will be shown at the top of the Scores column.
    • Each form response will be given a score out of the above total and shown in the Scores column.


Similar to scores, you can add an action to each Option. Actions can be bespoke - allowing the user to add their own action - or pre-set. Using the “Are you happy” example above, you may want to add an action if the user answers “no”, you could add a pre-set action of “Cheer up” or you could allow them to add their own action.

  • Set Up
    • In Form Builder, when editing a field, click on the box with a list icon. 
    • To add a pre-set action, enter the action text in the box.
    • To let the user add their own action when completing the form, check the Ask the user box.
  • Viewing and managing actions
    • When a form is submitted any actions will be assigned to the responder and stored in the actions list
    • To access the actions list, click on Actions in the tile menu.
    • Users can click on each action to edit and manage them.
      • Users can edit any action assigned to them or view non assigned actions.
  • Notifications
    • Users will receive an email notification when an action has been assigned to them.