Using the Microsoft OneDrive tile type Office365 users can embed files stored in OneDrive business accounts. If you have a OneDrive personal account this can also be used but only via Link Sharing (see below).

To get started:

  • Click on the Authorisation required button and sign in to your Microsoft Account. Overdrive will need permission to access your account so a list of your files can be displayed
  • Select a file from the picker
  • Currently this tile type only allows you to embed one file per tile
  • Supported file types include:
    • Word Documents (docx)
    • Excel (xlsx)
    • Powerpoint (pptx)
    • Onenote (onenote)
    • images (jpeg, gif, png and more)

To remove the authorisation from Overdrive click the Remove Authorisation button.

This tile type is currently in Beta, we welcome any feedback or requests you may have, please contact our Helpdesk.

Link Sharing

OneDrive uses Link Sharing - in essence you are sharing via html rather than via a user. Microsoft uses the html as a verification, so users need to have opened the html link at least once before they can see the embedded document on an Overdrive site. If you are a business user, we recommend sharing files via SharePoint or a Team Site for the best Overdrive experience.