To further customise your Overdrive site, paste these snippets into the JS box in Site Settings > Developers or Page Settings > Developers.

If you don`t know Javascript, simply copy and paste each snippet (in the grey box) you wish to try out, adding a line space in between each one.

Site Level

Turn on comments function on every page

This code will enable the Comments feature on all your Overdrive pages, saving you from turning it on for individual pages.

/*turn on comments on all pages*/["page.comments"] = 1;

Show stars on topnav and subnav

Show stars next to navigation menu items when you`ve starred them in Drive (not available if your site is set to Access all Areas)

$("body").attr("od-topnav-show-starred", 1);
$("body").attr("od-subnav-show-starred", 1);

Change selected labels within an Overdrive site

This code will change the labels your users see when viewing an Overdrive site. Below are just a few examples, to change the label to what you want simply edit the text in the " ". If there is anything you want to change on your site which is not listed below  send an email to our Helpdesk and we'll do what we can to assist you.

/*change the text in the search box to "Search"*/
odApp.language["template-searchform-placeholder"] = "Search...";
/*change the text within the Filter box from "Filter" to "Filter the list below..."*/
odApp.language["datatables-filter-placeholder"] = "Filter the list below...";
/*change the number of files per page text from "View" to "Files per page"*/
odApp.language["datatables-pagesize-label"] = "Files per page";
/*change the heading of the folder's title column*/
odApp.language['plugins-folder-th-title'] = "Hello world";

Include a separate JS file

Text files (and images) on your site can be accessed directly by inserting /assets/bypath at start of the URL.


Page Level

Watch this space!

There`s lots more styling that can be done in Overdrive if you know CSS or Javascript - just add your code into the relevant boxes in the developers tab.

If you have some customisation or styling ideas and want to share them with us and other Overdrive admins please send your code and description to us at - we will add the best ideas here. If you don`t know CSS or Javascript but have an idea, just send us the description and we`ll get our team onto it for you!