You can use OverDRIVE to host images, as you would a web server. This is useful if you wish to use the CSS codes to add an image to your site banner or a page background. You may want to create a folder just for the images you will be hosting.

To build the image url follow the steps below:

  • Visit a folder within your OverDRIVE site
  • Add the image(s) you wish to use
  • Click on the image to open it
  • Note the url in the address bar of this page will be something like: - copy the code you see after the rfview, in this case it would be 0B4EgHJfuMiXtSEFRNlhvWmRnb2M
  • To build the image url you need, use the following:
    • your site url eg
    • the image path we provide: assets/images/thumbs/
    • the above code you have copied followed by .png
  • your final url should look like this:
  • To get a different size of the image you can append something like this after .png: ?size=w2000

Note: users must be signed in to be able to see the image, which will be fine for a page background or site banner on an OverDRIVE site but not for using OverDRIVE to host images that need to be public. If you want to achieve the latter, our Enterprise package will enable you to set up a public image library.