The Blog View allows you to set up a basic Blog or News page using a folder and Google Docs. The first image and paragraph of each document added to the folder will display on your Overdrive page. Visitors will be able to click on each document title to open the full Google Document.

To get started from a page displaying a Google Folder with some documents:

  • Click on the pencil icon
  • Hover over the folder tile on your page and click on the cog icon 
  • Change the View to Blog

If you would like the paragraph shown on the Blog View list to be different to the first paragraph of each doc, you can edit the Google Drive Description - any text added into the Description will appear instead of the first paragraph of the doc. You can also set the order of your items by choosing Order By and clicking the arrow up or down (for ascending and descending order).

Finally you can choose to include a date - either date created or last modified - and change the view to a columns layout.