The General tab is used to add details to your page and control its position in Overdrive.


The name of the folder in Drive and the Overdrive page name used in the site url, navigation and page title - [odlang:page-settings-general-label-pagename-tip].

Menu Title

Add a title if you wish to use a different menu title from the Name above. [odlang:tip-page-settings-general-menutitle].

Page Title

Add a title if you wish to use a different page title from the Name above. [odlang:tip-page-settings-general-pagetitle].


Add a page icon. Icons will appear:

  • on your Page Title
  • in folder content, replacing the generic folder icon or file type icon or preview
  • in the side menu - if set via Template Designer

Once you have chosen your icon, you can set a color and even stack it within another icon - eg add a box around a chosen icon.

Date Posted

A customisable date for when the Created or Modified date will not suffice. Choose to display this date in Folder views, it's ideal for the Blog View so you can set a date an article was posted rather than created or modified.


Add a description for the page/file, this uses the Description field in Drive and will show on the Details view in Folder Page Type.

Order Appearing


Other Options

  • Page Visibility options allow you to hide a folder or file from your Overdrive navigation and folder contents (Admins can view Hidden Files via the Page Menu).
  • Layout Options allow you to switch off the Page Title, Side Menu and Breadcrumb trail - these options will be applied to any files within the folder.
  • Comments adds a Comments area to the bottom of the page.