Modified 11 December 2020 by Mark Williams

You can add content to anything in Overdrive - a folder or any file - via Page Builder, just click the pencil and start adding tiles. You can add a calendar to a Document or a video to a Sheet, with Overdrive you can craft pages with the content your users need to see.

Framed and Embedded Views

When you add content to a page the default view is Framed - this will display your content inside the tile directly from Drive. As a user opens the page, Overdrive contacts Drive and displays the content. Page load times depend on Drive and each user will need access to the content in Drive. For some file types (see below) you can choose to change the view to Embedded. This view adds the content to Overdrive and it is stored on our Google Cloud Platform servers along with the standard page content. Pages will load faster and users do not need Drive access. Embedded view also allows you to customise the content directly in Overdrive via Tile Settings.

Embeddable content

  • Drive
  • Google Documents
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drawings
  • HTML files
  • Images = PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Text files
  • Calendars