Once you choose the Site Folder for Overdrive any sub folders become part of the site. Each folder is a page on the site on which you can display a range of content using a choice of our Tile Types - from a folder list to a Google Document, from a Calendar to a Google Map, building pages with Overdrive is easy.

You can also build pages by adding any files in a Folder to the menu. To do so go to Page Settings by clicking on the icon in the Folder List Details view or right clicking on a file and choosing Page Settings. Once in Page Settings check the Top & Side Nav box under Page Visibility.

Folder Lists

Overdrive will display the contents of a Google Drive folder as the default view. So, when you first set up a site your first level of sub folders will display across the top Menu Bar and on your Home page. You can change the way Overdrive displays the folders on your Home page (and any other page) using the Page/Tile Menu. Select the View you want to use and choose Save this View. To add more content to your page, click on the pencil icon to open Page Builder.