Here's a checklist of things to consider before you launch your new site.

Add a user-friendly URL

You can map your domain names to your Overdrive sites.

e.g. or

This needs a few changes at your domain name registrar which we can help with.

If you can’t get access to your domain control panel you can get started using one of our subdomains such as: More...

Customize your site Favicon 

Favicons are the little icons you see in your browser’s tabs and bookmarks. Overdrive sites use a small Overdrive icon by default, but you can easily use your own. More...

Set up Google Analytics

We recommend you use the power of Google Analytics to monitor activity on your Overdrive site. It's simple to set up tracking in Analytics, simply visit and add your Overdrive site’s URL. You will be given a Tracking ID which you can paste into the Google Analytics box in Overdrive Site Settings. More...

Unblock Search Engines

If you want your site to be found by Google and other search engines, uncheck "Block Search Engines" in Site Settings > General.

Site Help - guidance for users

You can add page specific Help for your users - a great way to guide them taking their first steps on the site. More...

Double check advanced pages

Some pages need more testing than others. Remember to check any page with embedded content such as Docs and Sheets, make sure dashboards are appearing as you want and carry out a test submission of all Forms pages.

Mobile first? Consider your devices

Overdrive is designed for all types of devices. However, before you launch you should consider the devices your users will be accessing the site with and check how your content looks on all of them. And don’t forget to tell your users they can save an Overdrive site to their home screen.

Have you got enough licences?

Make sure you have enough licences for your users, you need one for every user that will log in to your site. You can check how many you have and increase the number on our Payments site. If you are planning a Public site, get in touch with us to discuss making your site public.

Get in touch

And if there is anything else that you want to double check or ask about, then just give us a shout. We'd be more than happy to give your site a once over using Support Access - we've built a few(!) so we may spot a few things you've missed.