If you have a paid account you can map your domain names to your Overdrive sites. The steps below will help you add CNAME record on your DNS to set up a sub-domain.

Note: If you do not have a domain, or do not wish to use it we can add a friendly site name using overdrive.io - so instead of a site number you could have [yoursitename.overdrive.io]. Just send us an email with the name you would like.

  • Sign in to your DNS control panel, or ask your company website administrator to do so
  • CNAME settings can generally be found under Domain Management or Advanced Settings
  • Add a CNAME record on your domain for the domain you wish to map. The exact values you need to use vary depending on your DNS provider, the rule is usually to add the sub domain name you want in the first field and the mapping in the second field.
    • Name (aka Value; Alias; Sub domain) - to create the sub domain add the name you want to appear before your domain name - to create intranet.company.com you would just add intranet
    • Mapping (aka Destination; Alias For; Canonical record): your Overdrive site address eg site12345.overdrive.io

  • Email helpdesk@overdrive.io with the sub domain(s) you wish to map
  • Our team will contact you to confirm set up.

Example CNAME: