OverDRIVE uses Google Drive to store your content via a two way sync with Drive, meaning that any folders or files added to Drive will be discovered in OverDRIVE and vice-versa. 

You can use the Page Menu to open the folder you are viewing in Drive. Click on the Page Menu icon and choose Open with Google Drive.

Depending on the access you have to a document, you can Edit a Google Document or Sheet from within OverDRIVE.

Note: Changes made in Drive won’t automatically show up in OverDRIVE until the folder is opened and refreshed by a user. For example: User A adds a folder or file to “Folder1” in Drive. User B won’t see that change in OverDRIVE until either user A or B opens “Folder1” and discovers that change by refreshing the page. Once the change has been discovered for 1 user, it will show for all OverDRIVE users.