Template Designer is accessed via the Site Menu and is visible to users with Site Settings Admin Role. Template Designer can be used to make basic or advanced changes to an Overdrive site template.


In Basic mode you can switch between the Templates on offer and set Primary Color, Font Family, Size and Color. This will help you get started and may be enough for most users.

  • Primary Color: this will apply to the Menu bar background and the Table Headers.
  • Font Family: this will apply to the whole site.
  • Font Size: this will apply to the whole site.
  • Font Color: this will apply to page titles, headings, table details and side menu.

Google Fonts: You can select and save from the whole range of Google Fonts to change the style of your site. To do so, choose Font Family and scroll down to More... Search or browse for the Google Font you require and it will be added to the Font list for your site. It will now be available in Advanced mode as well.


If you want to make more granular changes, clicking on the Advanced button will expand Template Designer and offer you a wealth of options to customise the chosen template.

Note: Once you have changed and saved using Advanced, Basic mode is unavailable unless the Template is Reset. You can save your own or save over one of the pre-loaded templates. Your own templates cannot be Reset.


Settings that change how pages look on your site, from the font used to a background color or image. You can also change the width of your site and enable/disable the Boxed mode. If you set a page background (color, pattern or image), depending on the Template you choose, the "site central area" may be set to semi opaque so the content can be viewed - you can toggle this on and off.

Menu Bar

Change the color, style and height of your Menu Bar, or even add a background image. Set the width and style of your menu bar, choose from:

  • Normal - the bar will be the same width as the page body and will move up as you scroll the page
  • Floating - the bar will float at the top of the page and will move up as you scroll the page
  • Full Width - the bar will extend across the whole screen width and will move up as you scroll the page
  • Fixed - the bar will be fixed to the top and extend across the whole screen width; the bar will not disappear as the page scrolls
  • Off - turn off the Menu Bar (great for embedding your Overdrive site in a Google Site or other iFrame

TIP: If you cannot see your menu it may be that there are too many items for the top bar, choosing Wrapped from the Options dropdown will stop the menu from Collapsing so you can see the menu in the top bar.


Keep your logo where it is,move it around the site or turn it off, choosing Header will open up a new space above the Menu Bar.

TIP: If the menu bar is too big or small for your logo you can zoom the logo in/out in the Preview Box of Site Settings > Logo to make it fit much better.

Search Button

As with Logo choose from a range of positions or turn Search off if it's not required, set the width of the search box or just have a button.

Search will find any files within the Drive Site Folder you selected when setting up your site.

Page Title

By default the Page Title is located on the Banner of each page, it can be moved to sit just above the page Content - immediately opposite the top of the Side Nav box - or you can switch it Off. You can also change the Font Color, Family and Size.


Set the background color, pattern or image plus the height and width of the banner or switch it off entirely. To add a background image to the Banner across your whole site select Background > Background Image and scroll down to choose More...

TIP: You can also add a background image to a banner on each page via Page Settings > Images.

Social icons

Set the position of any social icons (you need to add social links via Site Settings > Social first).

Side Menu

The Side Menu in Overdrive appears on each page of your site unless you turn it off . You can turn it off across the site by choosing Off under Position or you can do this for individual pages in Page Settings. If the Side Menu is On you can change the font, background color, and set the position, width and the number of levels a user can browse to (ie how many sub folders the user can navigate to using the menu). Under Options you can set the menu to Full Height, choose Docked to join it to your top bar (you will need to switch Banner off first) and Show Icons will display any page icons you have set under Page Settings. Top Level allows you to set the menu to show all site pages no matter where the user is on the site (works best if your Top Menu is collapsed).

Tile Headers

Set the font style, background and alignment for all tile headers (these can be changed on individual tiles using the Styling tab)

Tile Body

Add a background colour to all tiles (these can be changed on individual tiles using the Styling tab)

Tile Borders

Change the border settings on all tiles (these can be changed on individual tiles using the Styling tab)


Set the Font Color, Family and Style for the headings on any page of your site. This sets the formatting for any headings within a Dashboard page type (if Preserve Formatting is Off), for an RSS feed page type, for a Folder page type (Icon and Blog views) and for a Google Drive File page type using Google Docs with formatted headings.


Set the font, background and header background for any tables on your site, such as the Details view for Google Folders, Google Contacts and Google Photos or an embedded Google Sheet.


Set the color for any links on your site, including the site Breadcrumb and Filenames within tables.


Set a border around the side menu and breadcrumb bar.


Choose whether the footer is Fixed (default) or Floating.