Overdrive uses Drive folders and files as web pages. Each folder you have in Drive is a page in Overdrive - and will appear as a menu item in your Menu Bar. You can also make a page out of a file. To do so, select the file and access Page Settings then check the Top & Side Menu box under Page Visibility - your file will show in the site navigation and become a page.

To create Pages in Overdrive:

  • open the Site Menu and choose New Page (If you can't see New Page, check you have Edit access to the Drive folder you are working in)
  • choose a Name for your new page (it will be added as a folder in Drive)
  • choose the Location for your new page
  • click OK and Overdrive will create the folder for you and sync it to Google Drive
  • Now click on the Pencil icon to add content tiles to your page using Page Builder

You can create new Google Folders and Files (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Drawings) directly in Overdrive and sync them to Drive, and you can add multiple folders and files in one action, making Overdrive a great way to quickly create Drive folders and files.

To add Content to an existing page set up to show Folder content:

  • click on the + icon to the top left of the page
  • choose to add New Files/Folders, Upload content or create Shortcuts to existing Drive Files or Folders