User Settings is accessed via the Site Menu and is visible to users with User Settings checked under Admin Roles. Users Settings can be used to add and edit users on your Overdrive site.

You can give individual users access to Overdrive or add domain level access via Site Settings > Security. By default your users will be Viewers - they will be able to access pages and files but will be unable to add or edit any content. You can make a user an Editor and give them Administration access (see below).

User List

From the user list, you can see information about your users: their name and email address; when they were created; their last login; the Roles that they have. The list view can be filtered, sorted and you can add and remove columns to suit your needs.

Adding Users

To add one or more users, click Add Users and enter an email address on each line - or copy and paste from a list. Decide on the Role for the users you are adding - and add them to any Overdrive Groups you have created. Check the box to send an email invitation to each user.

Note: There is no need to add users from your domain individually, add your domain and choose Anyone from these domains under the Security tab in Site Settings and any user with an email address for your domain will be able to log in - and will be added as a user when they do so. You will need an Overdrive licence for each user however.

Importing Users

If you have lots of users to add: take a copy of this sheet, add your users and share it with - then send an email to that address mentioning your site URL or ID, and we'll do the rest. We will need Support Access to your site, so please add that via Site Settings > About.

Editing Users

To edit a user, view user information and check Overdrive access permissions, click on the user from the list. You can edit each users status and role within Overdrive.

General Tab

  • Overdrive Status: Active - when this is unchecked the user will become inactive and will be unable to login to the site. 
  • Roles
    • Viewer - all users will default to Viewer status (except the site owner who will be an Editor)
    • Editor - give the user the ability to add and edit content. Editors will then have 3 further Admin roles you can grant:
    • Page Settings - give the user the ability to access Page Settings on each page
    • User Settings - give the user the ability to access User Settings to add and edit users
    • Site Settings - give the user the ability to access Site Settings
  • Overdrive Groups - if you have set up any Permission Groups then you can add a user to these Groups by checking the relevant box.
  • You can resend an email invitation by clicking the Resend Welcome button

Details Tab

  • Add further details about each user
  • Details can also be added/edited by each user under their Profile (user icon in top bar)
  • Check out the Users Directory tile to display a list of all your users

Note: In order to maintain the security of your site administrators without Site Settings role will only be able to assign users to Roles and Groups that they themselves are a member of. 

What will Users see when they log in?

The pages a user sees will depend on the Discovery Mode you have selected in Site Settings > Security. Under Access all areas all users see all pages; under Google Drive users will only see what they see in Drive.

Page Types

The content a user sees will depend on what you have added to each page. As a rule, any content you embed using an iframe, for example a Calendar, a Map, a Google Group, a Google Form or any files that display Framed will need to be shared with the viewer. But any content that you directly embed on the page, for example a file set to Embedded, Google Contacts, Google Photos, RSS Feeds will show for all users without the need to give them Drive access.