The Security tab allows you to set up how users can access your site. Overdrive sites use Google Drive folders but can be made public or can be accessed through other login methods.

Public Access

With Public Access, users are not required to login and all site folders - regardless of the Drive sharing - can be seen along with the contents. For users to be able to view the folder contents - ie open a Google Doc - the contents need to either be embedded on a page or shared using the Drive permission "Anyone with the link" or "Public on the web".

Please contact us to discuss making your Overdrive site public.

Who can sign in

Choose to limit site access to Invited users or set up domain level access by adding your domain name(s) into Anyone from these domains. You can also choose to allow Anyone to sign in.

  • Invited users - you will need to add Users in User Settings
  • Anyone from these domains - anyone can log in with an email account from the chosen domains, once they log in they will be added as a User automatically.
  • Anyone - this will allow anyone with Google login to access your site. You can also allow sign in by users without a Google account but you must have the Discovery Mode set to Access all areas and check at least one additional Sign In method.

Note: each user that logs into a site will require a licence.

Discovery Mode

  • Access all areas - Overdrive will use the Primary User for Drive discovery - any content that the primary user has access to within the chosen Site Folder will be displayed. To open files each user will need to have at least view access in Drive. For new sites the Primary User is the person that set up the site, this can be changed to another User that has access to the Site Folder.
  • Google Drive - Overdrive uses Google Drive sharing settings to decide which content to show a logged in user. Whatever a user can view and edit in Drive, they can view and edit in Overdrive.

Click the guides below for more information on both methods of discovery. New Overdrive sites default to using Access all areas discovery.

Sign In

Choose the sign in method(s) for your site. 

  • Google - the default for all Overdrive sites, users will see a Sign in with Google option on the sign in page
  • Facebook - users will see a Sign in with Facebook option
  • Microsoft - users will see a Sign in with Microsoft option
  • Salesforce - users will see a Sign in with Salesforce option
  • Email address - users will see a Sign in with Email address option. Clicking on it will allow them to login with their email address and a password. First time users will be asked to set up a password.

Note: You either need to add a domain under Anyone from these domains or add users under User Settings for the above Sign In options to allow users to access the Overdrive site.

Overdrive Groups

Add security Groups that can be used to hide/show pages within Overdrive. Once added you will see these Groups when adding users and can restrict page visibility to these groups with Page Settings permissions.