Set up a forum allowing users to post new threads and comment and vote on existing threads. The Forum tile brings even more opportunity to allow your users to collaborate directly within an Overdrive site. Users can subscribe to forums to receive email notifications by clicking on the Subscribe button.

To get started:

  • Items Name: change the terminology used to describe items in your forum. The default value is Threads but you can change this to wording that better describes the forum use e.g. "Suggestion" or "Feature Request".
  • View: set whether your forum will have the ability to like/vote. The Enhanced Editor enables users to add rich text to threads.
  • Who can post: you can limit this via Overdrive Groups
  • Sort Replies: set a default sort order to suit your preference.

Forum Management

You can manage the forum via the Comments Admin area which allows you to view and manage all Comments across a site.