Use this tile type to add an image to your page. Images can be added from Drive, uploaded from local storage, via url or from Google Images or Photos.

Once you have chosen your image, you can add a caption, fit it to the tile size and add On click actions such as open in a Light Box or open a link.

Image Sizing

There are 2 states you can set to place your image within the tile:

1. Default, Fit to tile is OFF - in this state the image is "contained" within the tile, we make sure that the whole image can be seen and there is no cropping. This state is best where the whole image must be displayed, for example a logo.

2. Fit to tile is ON - in this state the image "covers" the tile - ie there is no blank space shown in the tile, so we resize the image. This is better for general images where the whole image does not necessarily need to be shown.