Overdrive uses Google Drive to ensure your content is shown to the correct users. What users see depends on the Discovery Mode the site is set to. The default for all new sites is Access all areas, in this mode all users see the same thing when they sign in but still need to have access to view file content (ie they will see the file in a list but if they open the file to view Overdrive will check that they have access). You can switch the Discovery Mode to Google Drive, in this mode users will only see the content they have access to, so each user will see a different site structure.

If a user can log in to Overdrive but is not seeing the folders and content you have shared with them, there are a number of solutions to try:

Step 1: ask the user to go to Drive and check that the folders appear in "Shared with me" - if the folders are visible then Overdrive should be able to see them. Opening one of the folders is usually enough to then have them appear in Overdrive when the user next logs in.

Step 2: ask the user to Resync Overdrive, this should get the site back in sync with Drive, doing this when on the Home page will also refresh any top level folder content.

Step 3: ask the user to visit the site home page and - if they see no content - click on the Page Refresh icon in the breadcrumb bar.

Please Note: If the parent folder is not shared with a user, sub folders will still show for a user as long as the folder that is shared with that user has content within it.

Please contact us if you are still experiencing issues.