The Permissions tab enables you to add an extra layer of security on top of Google Drive sharing settings. Page Admins can make a page visible only to users with selected Admin Roles.

If you have set up Overdrive Groups in Site Settings, they will appear here and you can restrict visibility to these Groups as well.

How to set up Overdrive Groups and secure pages

Step 1: Add your Overdrive Groups

  • Go to Site Settings > Security
  • Add new Groups to the Overdrive Groups box - one line per Group

Step 2: Add user to each Group

  • Go to User Settings and choose a user
  • Allocate the user to a Group using the Overdrive Groups checkboxes

Step 3: Secure pages

  • Visit the page you wish to secure
  • Select Page Settings from the Page Menu
  • Choose the Permissions tab
  • Choose to Restrict the page to users with Admin Roles or the Overdrive Groups you have set up.