To set up your Overdrive site you will need to select an existing folder in Drive or create a new one - you can also select a Shared Drive or a folder within a Team Drive. So that the initial site build results in a significant site menu with multiple navigation levels, we recommend that you choose or create a folder with a good hierarchy of folders. For example:

  • Company Intranet
    • Admin
      • Health & Safety
      • HR
      • Information
      • Forms
    • Events
      • Company calendar
    • Finance
      • Policies
      • Purchases
      • Forms  
    • Marketing
      • Image Gallery
      • Collateral
      • Branding Guidelines
    • Sales
      • Reports
    • Operations
      • Projects
      • Plans 

To choose a folder:

  • open the Site Menu and choose Site Settings
  • select whether your Site Folder will be a Drive folder or Team Drive and then browse for your folder
  • press Save.

Once you have chosen your folder, Overdrive will perform an initial sync and set up the site. You will see the site created follows your folder levels and displays any files that exist within each folder. Each folder is a page within the Overdrive site, you can now start to add or embed content into each page.