Find files in Overdrive

You can find files in Overdrive using the Site Search (if your admin has enabled it from within Site Settings).

  • File Titles: Overdrive will find all files (Google, Microsoft, PDFs and more) with titles containing words you have searched for.
  • File Contents: Overdrive will find file contents from Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. You can enable this in Site Settings > Search by allowing Overdrive to index the content of your Google files.

TIP: if you embed a document or file on a page and want it to be found via search, make sure you move it into the Site Folder.

Search Parameters

Overdrive Site Search is similar to a search in Google Drive. A search for green red will find files that have titles/content with green and red, putting the words in " " will find files that have the phrase green red.

Overdrive also accepts Boolean search terms:

  • or: search for files containing green or brown and Overdrive will display files with either green or brown mentioned
  • minus sign: include -red in your search and Overdrive will eliminate all files that have red in the title/content

Advanced Filter

Once on the search results page you can use the Advanced Filter dropdown to filter results by

  • Groups - find files restricted to certain group permissions
  • File Type - find file types such as Documents, Spreadsheets and more
  • Owner - search for files you own or don't own
  • Modified - specify a date range
  • Location - find files based on their location within Overdrive
  • Hidden - find hidden files