Site Name

Choose a name for your Overdrive site, [odlang:tip-site-settings-sitename]

Drive Site Folder

[odlang:site-settings-driverootfolder-tip]  The folder can be your top level Company folder or a sub level folder. You may for example wish to have Overdrive for the Marketing Department by browsing to your Marketing Team folder. You can also choose a Shared Drive or a folder within a Shared Drive.

Assets folder

Select a folder in which to store any images uploaded via the settings - for example, site logos, page images or backgrounds.

Google Analytics

Overdrive integrates with Google Analytics to help you track user activity across your site. [odlang:site-settings-input-google-analytics-tip]

If you also want to add your site to Google Search Console, once you have added Google Analytics you can verify your Overdrive site in one click.

Site Language

You can choose one of 7 languages for your Overdrive site, the site labels and settings boxes will show in the chosen language. Please let us know if any translations are not accurate, we welcome your feedback.

Site Region

Site owners on our paid plans can choose a region for their sites - for best performance and data sovereignty. To change region please contact us.