Depending on the type of file and the access you have been given, you can interact with files in OverDRIVE. When viewing a file, you will see a series of icons appear on the Breadcrumb Bar.

Page Menu

  • View - change the view if the page is a Folder type
  • Save this View - save the view for all users(if you have Page rights)
  • Show hidden files - Page Administrators can hide files; this option will show them in the folder list for the active user
  • Page Settings - access Page Settings
  • Open with Google Drive - open the active page in Google Drive
  • Switch to Edit mode - if you have access to edit a Google format file (Document, Sheet, Slide etc) this will open the file in Edit Mode. Once you have finished editing, you can choose Switch to View Mode or navigate away from the page.

Other Icons

  • Refresh icon - refresh the content of the current page
  • Star icon. Click to add a Google Drive star to your file (not available if your site is set to Access all Areas)
  • Download icon - for non Google files you will see a download icon, click on it to download the file.
  • Next and Previous - if you are in a Folder you can use Browse Mode once you open the first file by clicking on the next and previous arrows

Note: When editing a Google Doc, there is a known Google bug that will not allow the insert image dialog to open. If you wish to insert an image please use the Pop Out icon to open the doc in a new tab.