We recommend you use the power of Google Analytics to monitor activity on your Overdrive site. It`s simple to set up tracking in Analytics, simply visit analytics.google.com and add your Overdrive site. You will be given a Tracking ID, copy the code and paste it into the Google Analytics box in Overdrive Site Settings > General. It may take up to 24 hours for Analytics to start tracking user activity. If you also want to add your site to Google Search Console, once you have added Google Analytics you can verify your Overdrive site in one click.

Track Site Searches

Try out this method to track site searches through Google Analytics. Overdrive uses the parameter "q" in the search results url, so a search for the word "trial" will show a results page with the url: https://sitename.overdrive.io/search?q=trial. 

If you add this parameter into the settings of your Google Analytics account, Google will track site searches and show them in the Content reports. To add the parameter follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Google Analytics account
  • Click Admin
  • In the VIEW column, choose View Settings
  • Scroll down to Site Search Settings and enable Site search tracking
  • In the Query parameter box add q
  • Save your settings

You can test this is working in the Real Time section of Analytics; choose Content, then open your Overdrive site in a new tab/window and conduct a search. Keep the Overdrive site tab/window open and go back to Analytics, you should see the search appear

User ID

Overdrive works with the User ID feature in Google Analytics. This feature connects multiple devices, sessions, and engagement data to the same user. To enable this feature you need to opt-in via Google Analytics. Complete Step 1, Overdrive looks after Step 2 automatically, you then just need to move to Step 3 and set up a User View.

User Names

Google Analytics have Privacy Guidelines which prohibits sending and storing personally identifiable information (PII) on their servers, so Overdrive does not send any user information by default. If you would like to send information which you can identify but outside parties could not - such as a userID or Firstname we can arrange this for you. Please email helpdesk@overdrive.io with your request.