Display a folder list with similar view choices to Windows Explorer, plus a specialised Blog view.


  • Extra Large Icons
  • Large Icons
  • Medium Icons
  • Small Icons
  • Extra Small Icons

Note: for all icon views, folders will display a folder icon - all other files will display a preview where available. If you want to show something better than folder icons, try setting a Page Icon within Page Settings.

  • Details - shows a list of folders and files with details
  • Blog - turn your page into a Blog - for more details click Blog below.

Depending on the View you have set the options below will display, Columns will only display in Details view.

Order By

Choose to order the folder contents by a range of options; use the arrow button on the right to set descending or ascending order.

Columns / Icons Columns

Choose which columns you wish to display - on Details view the data shows in columns, on Icons views the data shows underneath the icon/image/preview. For each folder or file you can enable or disable action icons: Page Settings; Open with Google Drive; Download; Make a Copy. Users will be able to use these action icons on each row of the Details view to carry out actions on the relevant file. See Actions section below for a guide.

Page Size 

This governs the number of items (files and folders) displayed before the pager appears. Auto is the default and uses the screen resolution to manage the number of items.


  • Sub Folders - include or hide any sub-folders from the view.
  • View menu - the options under View above can be toggled by users - and saved for their own use - you can disable this here
  • Filter - users can filter views by typing into the Filter box and using the Advanced Filter dropdown; if you don’t want this option you can hide the filter box
  • File Extensions - show file extensions where they are relevant.
  • Show Page Icons - In any Icon view (not Details or Blog) if you have set a page icon or page header but don't want it to replace the generic folder or file preview, uncheck this box.
    • Page Icons checked (showing in order of priority eg if you have an icon set the page header will not show):
      • folders: page icon | page header image | folder icon
      • files: page icon | page header image | first image in file | preview of file | file icon
    • Page Icons unchecked
      • folders: folder icon
      • files: preview of file | file icon
  • Overlay Titles - move the Title to the top left of the Icons View box - the text will be overlayed. This setting works best where you are displaying a background image or a file preview.
  • Right-click menu - enable or disable user ability to use right mouse click options.
  • Show/Hide Columns - allow users to change the columns they can see.
  • Responsive - enable or disable the automatic hiding of columns to fit the screen size - if disabled a scrollbar appears at the bottom of the content.
  • Caching - Overdrive will cache the content of the folder. This will speed up page load times but new content won't be discovered unless the folder is refreshed.
  • +button - Add/Hide the + button which allows Editors to add content to the folder
  • Upload button - Add an Upload button to the folder
  • Icon Borders - Show/hide the border around each item in a folder (icons view only)

File Options

  • Comments - a Comments area will be added to the current page and all sub pages and files.
  • Embedded - all Documents, Sheets and Images within the active page/folder will be automatically set to Embedded view.

File and Folder Actions

When viewing a file or folder within a Folder tile there are Actions that a user can take (depending on their permissions). The user can see and carry out these actions by:

  • Opening the folder or file and using the Page/Tile Menu.
  • Right clicking on the folder or file in Details or Icon view.
  • Using the enabled Action Icons in Details view.

The available actions are:

  • Folders
    • Page Settings
    • Open with Google Drive
    • Add star (not available if your site is set to Access all Areas).
  • Files
    • As above
    • Download - download the selected file (Google Format files will download as PDF)
    • Make a Copy - make a copy of the selected file in the current folder.

Advanced Filter

A user can use the Advanced Filter dropdown to filter the contents of a folder by:

  • Overdrive Groups - find files restricted to certain group permissions
  • File Type - find file types such as Documents, Spreadsheets and more
  • Owner - search for files you own or don't own
  • Modified - specify a date range
  • Locations - filter a file based on it's location
  • Hidden - find hidden files