The Blog View allows you to set up a basic Blog or News page using a folder and Google Docs. Overdrive will display the folder contents as a blog list and users can open each document to read the article - ideal for a company news page.


  • From within a Folder Tile, open Tile Settings
  • Choose Blog from the View list
  • Choose whether to include a Date - either the Created date of the file (taken from Drive), the Modified date (taken from Drive) or the Posted date (this is a date you can set in the Page Settings of the file, it defaults to the date the file first appeared on the site)
  • Choose how many Columns you want your blog to have
  • Set the Order by and change the order arrow to point down. We recommend using a date (Date Posted is our favourite). This will order your blog by date, so each time you create or edit a document it will appear at the top of the blog.

Add blog articles

Each blog article is created by adding a Google Doc into the folder. To add a new article:

  • From the blog page in Overdrive, choose Create > Document (to use an existing Google Doc you can choose Link Files from the cog dropdown or add it to the folder in Drive)
  • Choose a name for your document - this will become the title of the blog article
  • Add the blog content and at least one image - Overdrive will display the first image and the first paragraph on the blog list to create a "snippet". If the "snippet" is not what you want to display, you can use the Description field on the General tab or from within Google Drive - add your "snippet" text and Overdrive will display that on the blog list.