Overdrive uses selected folders and files stored in Google Drive to generate and update a fully automatic web portal or site. Overdrive uses a two way sync with Drive, meaning that any folders or files added to Drive will be discovered in Overdrive and vice-versa.

Refreshing the Overdrive site

Any changes to a page you make in Overdrive should update automatically - for you and for other users. However, you can also refresh content by using the following methods:

  • refreshing your browser page
  • clicking Page Refresh on the breadcrumb bar

Note: if a user cannot see content in a folder list, visiting that content in Drive and then refreshing as above can help Overdrive discovery.

Resyncing the Overdrive site

If the refresh options above have not discovered the new content you are looking for, you can Resync the site. This option resyncs all folders (not files) in Overdrive and will refresh files on the current page you are on and the Menu Bar.

To Resync Overdrive:

  • open the Site Menu
  • select Resync.

Please Note: If the parent folder is not shared with a user, sub folders will still show for a user as long as the folder that is shared with that user has content within it.