You can use the Dashboard page type to embed multiple items, here is how:

Google Docs and Google Sheets

Open the doc you want to embed in Google Drive, the link will look similar to this:

Change the last part of the link from /edit to /preview e.g. 

In your Dashboard set up the table columns as required and then copy and paste the link into one of the cells.

The dashboard table will look something like this:

Doc 1

Doc 2

Doc 3

You can also add a title to a dashlet using H2 - which is how the template starts off, if you dont want the title simply delete the H2 header from the dashboard document

The documents will then be framed and embedded within each dashlet.

Google Calendar

To embed a calendar:

  • open Google Calendar
  • hover over the calendar name in the left menu and choose Settings from the drop down menu
  • on the Calendar Details tab there is a HTML icon in the Embed this Calendar section, click on it to bring up the HTML link to your calendar.

This link never changes so you can use it to embed a calendar in a dashboard. Simply paste the link into the Google Doc.

TIP: If you want to embed multiple calendars use the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper choose your settings and then copy and paste the url within src="[url]".