Overdrive works with Google Shared Drives (formerly Team Drives). To create an Overdrive site using a Shared Drive:

  • visit app.overdrive.io and click on + Add new site
  • click in the Drive Site Folder box and select the Shared Drives tab
  • Currently you cannot select a Shared Drive but you can add a Shared Drive folder by double clicking the Shared Drive and choosing a folder
  • If you want to set up a new Overdrive site using a Shared Drive, set the site up without selecting a folder and follow the steps below.

To add a Shared Drive to an existing site:

  • You can add a Shared Drive to an existing site by clicking on the Site Menu and choosing Site Settings
  • Change the Site Folder to Google Shared Drive or Google Shared Drive Folder and choose Click to browse...
  • Select the Shared Drive from the displayed list
  • Note: this will reset your existing site and use the new content of the Shared Drive.

There are a few differences to the way Overdrive handles standard Drive folders:

  • Stars - starring is disabled