On paid plans you can have as many OverDRIVE sites as you need, the licencing is per user not per site. 

To add a new site, simply click on the + Add new site button. To choose a Team Drive folder select the Team Drives tab and double click on a Team Drive to see your folders. To find out more about how Team Drives work with OverDRIVE visit our Google Team Drives page.

If you need help or have any questions on setting up a new site please contact us, or for instant help click the Chat tab at the bottom of the screen.

Note: There is a bug in Internet Explorer that sometimes stops the selection of Drive Folders in initial site setup. If this happens to you we recommend using Google Chome or Firefox to add a new OverDRIVE site. Alternatively you can set up an OverDRIVE site from within Google Drive. Navigate to the folder you wish to use and choose Open With - if you dont see OverDRIVE as a choice, go to Connect more apps and search for OverDRIVE. Once added you will be able to create a new site from any Drive folder.