To add content to a page click on the Pencil in the top right of Overdrive. This opens Page Builder. You can add multiple tiles to a page and style each tile to remove borders, edit headings, add background colours. 

Once you are in edit mode you can use the Tile Type sections to add content to your page.

  • Choose a tile type
  • Drag your selection anywhere on the page or click to automatically add a tile
  • Size the tile to your requirements by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner
  • Click on the cog to enter tile settings and select your content and add styling to your tile
  • Add header if required
  • To delete the tile click on the trash/bin icon
  • You can add as many tile types to a page as you need - perfect for building dashboards.

Save a layout as a Template

  • Save the current page layout as a template to use on this site or other sites you have access to
  • Import templates from your other sites

Use Tools

  • Copy the current page layout
  • Paste a layout from your clipboard
  • Clear the current page layout

To return to view mode you can do one of 3 things:

  • Save changes
  • Undo changes - any changes made since you last opened edit mode will be lost
  • Click on the pencil to return to view mode without saving - the pencil will show a red dot to remind you that you have unsaved changes.